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What you can do in here

Each member that signs up has their own private account, no other members can see their property(s) information unless they give them their log in and password. For each property you hunt, click ‘Add a Property’, once you name the property, put your mouse over the name or click your property name. Six icons will appear, these are your features to utilize. Start with the far-left icon, click ‘property map’; zoom in on your hunting land and place markers like your game cameras, stands, food plots, and feeders. You can draw boundaries and measure acreage or distance. Click Save, in the bottom right corner before leaving.

Next, the ‘game photo’ icon allows a member to upload and organize their game photos by camera name and into multiple folders. When uploading game photos for the first time, a member can mass edit the photos date or time stamps if the camera was incorrectly set when placed into the field. This helps with utilizing the ‘game trend’ feature which will be discussed later. After a photo is uploaded to your account, you can share, edit, or delete each individual photo.

Game trends is our favorite feature and a tool that can really help you be more successful. Skip to the bottom, "How we can help you become more successful: Our favorite feature, 'Game Trends' " to learn more.

Are you a hunter that grows food plots, provides supplementation, or builds mineral sites to promote your deer’s health?

Why not record that information using our easy to use pre-made templates? We offer a notes section to each template to allow you to add even more information than what we already provide. Each record can be shared to a group management page (hunt clubs), it can be edited, or even deleted. For your supplementation records we provide analytics called ‘Feeder Trends’ that show monthly consumption displayed in pounds for each feeder and you can compare multiple feeders on a property to discover which foods your deer or animals prefer. This is great in keeping track of expenses or comparing protein sources to ensure you are maximizing your time and money. If you don’t supplement with protein, that is okay, I am sure you will find the mineral and food plot templates very useful in discovering what works best for each property you hunt.

Would you like to keep records of all your harvests/kills on each property and be able to access them anytime?

We have an easy to use template for that as well. Upload a photo if you want, log your information like the date and time of your kill. We automatically provide the weather information for that property and attach to your record. Each record can be shared, edited, or deleted at your discretion. In addition, based on your records, we provide analytics, called ‘harvest trends’ that show you the age structure of bucks harvested, and the buck to doe ratio harvested. We believe this is a pretty cool tool to help you track your goals.

For convenience, we provide a seven-day weather forecast with each property to utilize with our ‘game trends’ feature to assist you in quickly planning your hunts.

How we can help you become more successful: Our favorite feature, ‘Game Trends’

We can help you harvest more deer or harvest the mature buck on your farm using our ‘Game Trends’ feature which pulls historical weather data from your uploaded game photos. Each time you upload a game photo to your account, ‘The Hunter Sight’ is looking up the historical weather conditions for that property. Organize your photos by camera, and into specific folders when uploading, and then head to ‘Game Trends’ which is beneath the ‘Game Photos’ icon and see your animals patterns to help you choose the best day to hunt, the best stand to hunt, and/or the best property to hunt to increase your chances of success and ultimately more fun during the hunt.

Group Management aka ‘Hunt Clubs’

Create a ‘Hunt Club’ and name the group anything you want, invite members to join your group, and share what you want to share with the group. Each member in the group can participate by sharing game photos, nutrition records, and harvest records. You can even add records just like you do on your private property page. If your group wants to create a club map, you can do that as well to show boundaries of each members hunting area and various markers. Your group can create a ‘hit list’ of animals to help with your group management goals. Analytics are provided for ‘feeder trends’ and ‘harvest trends’ the same as they are on your private page which greatly helps in group management. In your group, you have a community board where you can easily engage with each other. You can leave a group anytime by simply clicking ‘Leave Hunt Club Permanently’ which will remove you from the club. The creator of the group is automatically defaulted the admin of the group; with that, that simply means, they have the power to remove members, or add other members as admins for extra help. Admins also are in control of their community board and can edit and delete threads.

Lease Listings

Every member of The Hunter Sight can view or list available hunting leases for FREE!!! We encourage hunters to post leases they are aware of to help out fellow hunters in need. If you are a guide, feel free to share your hunting opportunity.
We (The Hunter Sight) are not at fault, nor will be held responsible for any wrong doing conducted by either party; use this feature at your discretion. Leases will not expire, nor is there a limit to the number you can list at a time. We do ask you are respectful, as it is bad business for you to be considered SPAM by hunters looking for a place. You can remove your lease listing anytime you wish. Real estate agents looking to sale HUNTING land can list in here as well. The Hunter Sight is a community of hunters working together to help one another. UNITY.